Best cars for summer in the UK

Beach days

There’s nothing better than clocking off work early, gathering up your friends, grabbing a couple of disposable BBQs and heading off to the nearest beach. To get there you’ll need a car small enough to fit in any tight car parking space, enough space to pack a beach ball and full of fun! How about getting the top down too and enjoying the cool sea breeze?

MINI Cooper Convertible

An icon of British motoring, the MINI Cooper not only looks good but is great fun to drive, especially with the top down. There’s not a whole lot of room in the boot but it’s big enough for the essentials, like sun tan lotion and a few beers! For a used model you could expect to pay just under £3,000 but if you fancy a brand-new model you could drive away with one from around £19,795.

Happy campers

If you feel like disconnecting from the modern world for a few days, switching off the wi-fi and getting back to basics, a camping holiday can be fun for all the family. Picture toasting marshmallows by the fire, long walks, fishing and even scary ghost stories. But you’re going to need a big car to pack all that fun into.

Hyundai i40 Estate

This car is perfect if you need plenty of luggage space but somewhere comfortable, and safe, for your passengers. There’s space for tents, chairs, blow-up mattresses, and the kitchen sink! It’s ideal for attaching bike racks and roof boxes for even more storage space. Prices for a used model can start around £6,000, so lots of car for your money, but start from £21,610 for a brand-new model.

Family stay-cay

Are you swapping Lanzarote for the Lake District this year? Then make sure you’ve got the perfect car to not only get you from A to B, but from work mode to holiday mode. If your destination is a long drive away, you’re going to need a car that’s comfortable, safe and has plenty of leg room for the whole family.

Vauxhall Zafira 7-seater

You don’t need to choose between the dog and granny anymore, no one gets left behind with a 7-seater Vauxhall Zafira. Don’t need all the seats? Just fold down the rear two and enjoy the extra boot space – shopping trip anyone? Sadly, production finished in 2018, but you can get an absolute bargain on a used Zafira from the early 2000s for under £1,000, all the way up to £25,000 for an 18-plate. Just don’t forget to stow away your tray tables!

Festival with friends

If one thing screams summer in the UK it’s a festival. Whether it’s Glastonbury, Wireless, TRNSMT or even a gig in your local park – music never sounded so good than when the sun is shining. But if you’re going full festival and heading away for the weekend, you’ll need a ride that’s reliable, easy to park, packed with all the latest tech and superb sound system.

Abarth 595

Fancy a Fiat 500 with an edge? Be the envy of all your mates with a festival-ready 595. Your mates will be bribing you for a lift when you rock up in this nifty number. It’s guaranteed to have you standing out from the crowd and is pretty handy in those tight parking spaces. If you’re looking for a used model be prepared for prices to start around £6,000. Prices for a brand-new model depend on the level of spec and extras you choose, but can start from around £20,000.

Carry on caravanning

With the number of people spending their summer holidays in the UK rising, caravan holidays are becoming more popular every year. Whether it’s hiring out a static caravan or investing in your own motorhome, it can be the perfect British summer holiday. If you like touring around the UK, visiting different locations each day, then a motorhome could be your perfect ride.

We’re not just about cars, you can also search a huge range of caravans, motorhomes and campervans from local dealers and private sellers throughout the UK.

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